Corporate ProfileManagement philosophy

Company’s motto

Flexibility with a strong will

The “Strong will” expresses “Customer-oriented philosophy by quick response to customer's request”, and “Flexibility” expresses “Flexible response to realize the request”.

Management philosophy

  1. We create added value through economic activities and contribute widely to society.
  2. We respond to the trust and expectations of all stakeholders including shareholders, employees, business partners, and society.
  3. In order to ensure the company’s development and permanence, we respond quickly to changes in the market, always have customer orientation as a “belief”, and respond flexibly to a wide variety of changes.

These are our management philosophy for conducting business activities.

Basic management policies

  1. Supplying products manufactured with three basic technologies (hose making, rubber sheet making and mold making) to four markets (home appliances, automotive, civil engineering / architecture / housing and industrial materials), we aim for balanced management.
  2. In order to gain a high share in each participating niche market, we concentrate management resources.
  3. We develop business in overseas countries where there is demand, and produce in the optimal location based on local production and sales.
  4. We will focus on technological development and differentiate ourselves from other companies in terms of quality, efficiency, production speed, etc. with superior technology.

Based on these management policies, our company conducts business activities that respond sensitively to changes in the world.