Since the establishment in 1938 (Tiger's year).

1938.6 Establish "Tigers Rubber Industry" (Osaka)
Start manufacturing a product of rubber hose/industrial rubber
1948.12 Incorporated. Established as "Tigers Rubber Inc."
1959.6 Completion of Mukogawa plant (Amagasaki, Hyogo)
(1995.4 Established as: Mukogawa Kasei)
1964.1 Completion of Osaka plant (Takatsuki, Osaka)
(2001.4 Established as: Takatsuki Kasei)
1971.11 Completion of Tochigi plant (Shioya-gun, Tochigi)
1973.6 The name of the corporation is changed to "Tigers Polymer Corporation"
1977.3 Tigers Polymer Singapore PTE.LTD. Founded
1978.3 Tigerflex Corporation Founded (Illinois, USA)
1980.9 Moved to Toyonaka. (Main office)
1981.2 Completion of Okayama plant (Bizen, Okayama)
1986.5 R&D Center Moved (Kobe, Hyogo)
1987.2 Stock newly registered to Osaka Stock Exchange, 2nd Section
1987.4 Tigerpoly Mfg., Inc. Founded (Ohio, USA)
1991.4 Completion of Shizuoka plant (Kakegawa, Shizuoka)
1994.1 Tigerpoly (Thailand) Ltd. Founded
1994.11 Hangzhou Tigers Polymer Co., Ltd. (China) Founded
1997.2 Tigers Polymer (Malaysia) SDN.BHD. Founded
1998.11 ISO 9002 Certified (Tochigi plant)
2000.4 Stock newly registered to Tokyo Stock Exchange, 2nd Section
2001.3 ISO 14001 Certified (Okayama plant)
2004.4 Hangzhou Tigers Polymer Co., Ltd. (China) Completion of new plant/move
2004.12 Guangzhou Tigers Polymer Co., Ltd. (China) Founded
2005.3 Stock listed on Tokyo/Osaka Stock Exchange, 1st Section
2006.2 Tigers Polymer (Malaysia) SDN.BHD. Completion of new plant/move

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