Function, rubber sheet according to a use Snow Melting Mat

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  • It enables to protect your home from snowfall.
  • It can be effectively used for snow melting.
  • Without using traditional heating wires, this is an energy-saving, completely waterproof, tough mat with a special heating element on the surface completely covered with special rubber, developed by our company.
Function ・ Snow melting

Snow Melting Mat for Steps Specifications:

Part No. TYK-200-1 TYK-400-1
Dimension Thickness x Width x Length(mm) 5×810×2090 5×810×4030
Effectual Heating Point Width x Length(mm) 756 × 1940 756 × 3880
Mat Weight for Reference(kg)* 12.0 22. 7
Rated Voltage(V) AC100 AC100
Rated power consumption (W) 518 1,036
Cord Length(m) 3 3
Number of holes 6 6

*Except for Cord

Snow Melting Mat for Entrance Specifications

Part No. TYG-100-1 TYG-200-1 TYG-300-1 TYG-400-1
Dimension Thickness x Width x Length(mm) 6×960×1000 6×960×2000 6×960×3000 6×960×4000
Effectual Heating Point Width x Length(mm) 800×900 800×1900 800×2900 800×3900
Mat Weight for Reference(kg)* 7.8 15.7 23.6 31.4
Rated Voltage(V) AC100 AC100 AC100 AC100
Rated power consumption (W)


440 660 890
Cord Length(m) 3 3 3 3
Number of holes 4 6 8 10

*Except for cord Safety note: Do not use the Mats for Entrance on steps.


The plug shape with the specifications above is for Japan.
For voltages other than for Japan, please contact us.

Snow Melting Mat Standard equipment/optional equipment list

Item Name Part No. Dimension Thickness(mm) x Width(mm) x Length(mm) Standard Equipment (Anchor Screw Set A) *1 Optional Equipment
For Steps





Anchor Screw Set A 3 Sets

・Inside Corner Fixing Bracket Set *2

・Extension Cord 7m(With Attachment Plug)

・Cord Protection Cover

For Entrance









Anchor Screw Set A 2-5 Sets

*1 Contents of Anchor Screw Set A: M8A truss screw (L=50mm) 2pcs, M8 washer 2pcs, anchor plug 2pcs
*2 Contents of Inside Corner Fixing Bracket Set: Round pipe (Φ19×910) 1 pc, anchor screw set A 1 set, rubber gasket 2 pcs)


Please check here to find out the environmental compliance of this product.


●The contents are subject to change without notice for improvement.
●The contents are as of August 1, 2020.

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