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Rubber Injection Molding
Rubber Injection Molding

With a mechanism similar to an extruder, plasticized and preheated material is quickly filled into a mold set at the vulcanization temperature, and rubber products are formed and vulcanized in a short time.
Features: Easy continuous molding and automation
Product size: From extremely small size to 300~400 cubic mm
Product materials: synthetic rubber, silicone, urethane (thermoplastic)

Compression Molding

After putting the rubber compound (material) into the mold cavity and assembling the mold, it is placed between the hot plates of a heated vulcanization press, and the hot plates are pressurized to form and vulcanize the rubber product.
Features: General rubber molding method, insert molding and endless processing of extrusion products (Connection of parts that cannot be molded in one piece, etc.)

Transfer Molding

This is a molding method that uses a mold with an injection chamber (concave pot) and a piston (convex) on it. By placing a nearly constant amount of unvulcanized rubber (material) into the concave pot and pushing the piston (convex) with a press, the material is filled into the cavity through the spool.
Features: Molding method used for difficult-to-shape and high-precision molded products
Product size: Multiple pieces of small products, size of about 200 cubic mm
Product material: synthetic, silicone, and fluoro rubber

Rubber: Mandrel Molding

This method is mainly used to manufacture rubber hoses.
The hose material is wrapped around an iron core called a mandrel and vulcanized. And it is also possible to make curved pipes (complex shapes) by bending the iron core into any shape, inserting the hose material and vulcanizing it.

Liquid Injection Molding

This is mainly an injection molding method for thermosetting materials that are liquid at room temperature, such as silicone. A product is made by filling a mold with liquid material and then solidified using a chemical reaction.
Features: No need for secondary vulcanization, mass production (small items), transparent/colorable
Material: liquid silicone rubber

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